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Take The Power Back Bass Tab + Tutorial

download the pdf here (free!): Take The Power Back Bass Tab PDF

Take The Power Back Bass Tab + Tutorial

We’re back with another epic bass lesson! What does epic mean? LONG. This sweet slap bass tune from Rage Against The Machine is full of cool slap fills, so I couldn’t resist doing a full detail song lesson so you can hear every little fill slowed down.

First things first, this lesson will start with a few playalongs for the main slap bass riff of this tune, starting slow and building up to full speed.

For all the slap fills, I chose to omit playalongs to try to keep the video under an hour. 🙂 I’ll also run you through the fingerstyle sections of the tune in the same way.

Here’s my bass cover of Take The Power Back:

Hope you guys enjoy, now get out there and rage against the machine!