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TUNE MY BASS!!! – Bass Tuning Tutorial

TUNE MY BASS!!! – Bass Tuning Tutorial

Dude, how do I tune my bass?

Great question, Kutcher. This video will take you through two ways you can tune your bass guitar. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

Tune Your Bass Method 1 (Easy) – WITH TUNER: All you need is a tuner of some kind. Standard bass tuning is EADG – E is the string closest to your face, G is the string closest to the floor. Make sure your tuner is calibrated to A440Hz. Plug in your bass if you have a plug in tuner, pluck your strings, and turn the bass tuners (very small increments!) until you’re in tune! Tightening the string will raise the pitch, loosening them will lower it.

Tune Your Bass Method 2 (Intermediate) – WITH HARMONICS: Tuning with harmonics is really fun and a useful skills for all bass players to learn. It works because the 5th fret harmonic on a given string should be the same frequency as the 7th fret harmonic on the adjacent higher-pitched string (and vice versa). So once you have any one of your strings in tune, you can use it to tune the other 3 strings. Follow the instructions in the video, and make sure you try it yourself and really listen for that “beat frequency.”