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Lydian Scales For Bass + “The Simpsons” Theme Song

download the pdf here (free!): Lydian Scales for Bass PDF

Lydian Scales For Bass + “The Simpsons” Theme Song

This week we’re closing in on the end of our series on the diatonic modes with the lydian scale. Lydian is the fourth mode of the major scale (for example, in the parent key of C major, F is the relative lydian scale). It’s used most commonly over major 7 #11 chords, as well as garden variety major 7 chords when appropriate. It’s most commonly found in pop/rock music on the IV chord (i.e., play major over the I chord, and play the relative lydian scale over the IV chord, which is the same notes just with a different root in mind).

Hope you guys all dig the Simpsons theme song as much as I do, because that’s our lydian scale example for the week!

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