Josh Fossgreen is a bassist and bass teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. Proficient in many styles and musical contexts, he’s played from samba to ska, from heavy metal to jazz duos, from pit orchestras to soul bands to funk groups. He loves to lay down a solid groove as much as take a face-melting solo.

Josh is available as a bass teacher for students all over the world thanks to the magic of the internet!

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Higher Ground Bass Cover

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground BASS Cover

Some more fun with Flea on the Chili Peppers version of Higher Ground! This tune is pretty simple but, as I discovered, it’s a really burner to get through without any mistakes or lost calluses! Hope you guys enjoy and see you soon for the Higher Ground bass lesson video.

Posted June 29th, 2015

Stone Cold Bush Bass Tab And Tutorial

download the pdf here (free!): Stone Cold Bush Bass Tab PDF

RHCP Stone Cold Bush Bass Tab and Tutorial

Flea has written so many great bass lines over the years that it’s hard to pick favorites, but Stone Cold Bush sure is fun! This lesson comes with full bass tab and sheet music, including right hand slap fingerings. In this video I’ll just take you through each part of the song at a reduced tempo, and give you some pointers for coming out of that bass solo alive!

Here’s my Stone Cold Bush bass cover if you missed it:

Posted June 22nd, 2015