Josh Fossgreen is a bassist and bass teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. Proficient in many styles and musical contexts, he’s played from samba to ska, from heavy metal to jazz duos, from pit orchestras to soul bands to funk groups. He loves to lay down a solid groove as much as take a face-melting solo.

Josh is available as a bass teacher for students all over the world thanks to the magic of the internet!

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Solo Bass Improvisation: “D Major And Back Again”

Solo Bass Improvisation: “D Major And Back Again”

Thank you all for listening! This is another off-the-cuff solo bass improvisation, performed on my Peavey Cirrus with no effects.

I played this one in drop D tuning (DADG), which resulted in a couple moments of “let’s see, where the heck is the note I’m looking for?”, and also some interesting moments in the music that probably wouldn’t have come up if I was in my comfort zone of standard tuning (you can hear one of these at 3:32).

I had fun starting the piece by staying pretty strictly in the D major scale. When I was younger and foolisher (not a word), I thought the major scale sounded “too square,” but over time I’ve been able to appreciate it and use it more skillfully so I don’t feel that way any more. I liked how I started with the major, ended up exploring some funky modulations (including some time in the relative B minor), and then recapitulated the starting melody.

Because of that recapitulation of the original theme, my mind went to “There And Back Again,” which is the subtitle of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” so I couldn’t resist the literary reference.

I love improvising freely like this because it’s full of surprises for me as the player. I feel like I get to listen to the music as an audience member, as well as being the dude whose fingers are making the sounds come out. Thank you for being in the audience with me!

Posted March 4th, 2016

Solo Bass Improvisation: “Affected By Effects”

Solo Bass Improvisation: “Affected By Effects”

Thank you for listening! I wanted to try something new for this solo bass improv video, so I whipped out my Boss ME-50B multi-effects board for some fun. The title was inspired by my love of homophones.

The sound-hold pedal function I played with through a lot of this is a great demonstration of how to do scale-based improvisation in a way that will help you understand the relationship between the root note and all the other notes of the scale.

Hope you enjoyed and see ya next time!

Posted February 26th, 2016