Josh Fossgreen is a bassist and bass teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. Proficient in many styles and musical contexts, he’s played from samba to ska, from heavy metal to jazz duos, from pit orchestras to soul bands to funk groups. He loves to lay down a solid groove as much as take a face-melting solo.

Josh is available as a bass teacher for students all over the world thanks to the magic of the internet!

He is intensely passionate about music in all its delightful aspects, and seeks to make the world we live in a funkier, more peaceful place through his work. May all beings be blessed and get their groove on!

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Blues Scale For Bass

download the pdf here (free!): Blues Scale For Bass PDF

The Blues Scale For Bass + “Sunshine Of Your Love” (Cream)

Similar to the minor pentatonic scale, the blues scale (which just adds a tritone to the minor pentatonic scale) is an important tool in any bass player’s toolbox.

The blues scale consists of the root, a minor third, perfect fourth, a tritone, a perfect fifth, and a minor seventh – six notes in total.

Possibly the best demonstration of the blues scale in popular music is this classic tune, “Sunshine of Your Love” by Cream.

Like I said with the minor pentatonic scale last week, this scale really begs you to be judicious with your use of it! Using it all the time could brand you as a “wanker” and get you kicked out of the cool bass players club. :)


Posted September 15th, 2014

Minor Pentatonic Scale For Bass

download the pdf here (free!): Minor Pentatonic Scale For Bass PDF

Minor Pentatonic Scale For Bass + “Money” and “Freddie’s Dead”

More pentatonics this week! The minor pentatonic scale for bass is easy, useful, but DANGEROUS! Heed my warnings, bassketeers! You must learn other scales besides this one, lest ye be labeled “a wanker!”

The minor pentatonic scale is just a minor (aeolian) scale minus the 2nd and 6th scale degrees. It’s a common scale in music of all styles from around the world.

“Money” by Pink Floyd is a very simple (but awesome) bass line that uses notes from the minor pentatonic scale. It’s also in 7/4 time, which makes it a fun introduction to odd meter if you haven’t ever played in 7!

We’ll finish with “Freddie’s Dead,” the classic soul tune by Curtis Mayfield, another great minor pentatonic bass line. I highly recommend checking out other Curtis Mayfield tunes for some great bass work!


Posted September 8th, 2014