Josh Fossgreen is a bassist and bass teacher from the San Francisco Bay Area. Proficient in many styles and musical contexts, he’s played from samba to ska, from heavy metal to jazz duos, from pit orchestras to soul bands to funk groups. He loves to lay down a solid groove as much as take a face-melting solo.

Josh is available as a bass teacher for students all over the world thanks to the magic of the internet!

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Solo Bass Improvisation: “Home On The Range On The Moon”

Solo Bass Improvisation: “Home On The Range On The Moon”

Thank you for listening again! I love creating these and I’m happy so many of you have expressed that you enjoy and find inspiration in them.

This solo bass improvisation is whimsically titled “Home On The Range On The Moon.” When I started listening back to it, I thought of the phrase “home on the range” with the opening progression reminiscent of American folk music, but then it got weird and whole tone-y after a few minutes and I started thinking about space.

Posted November 27th, 2015

Take The Power Back Bass Tab + Tutorial

download the pdf here (free!): Take The Power Back Bass Tab PDF

Take The Power Back Bass Tab + Tutorial

We’re back with another epic bass lesson! What does epic mean? LONG. This sweet slap bass tune from Rage Against The Machine is full of cool slap fills, so I couldn’t resist doing a full detail song lesson so you can hear every little fill slowed down.

First things first, this lesson will start with a few playalongs for the main slap bass riff of this tune, starting slow and building up to full speed.

For all the slap fills, I chose to omit playalongs to try to keep the video under an hour. :) I’ll also run you through the fingerstyle sections of the tune in the same way.

Here’s my bass cover of Take The Power Back:

Hope you guys enjoy, now get out there and rage against the machine!

Posted November 13th, 2015